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The Bureau for Forest Management and Geodesy has a team of land surveyors employed in geodetic laboratories, most of whom have professional qualifications to take independent positions in the field of geodesy and cartography.

Educated and experienced staff, with modern geodetic equipment and fully computerized technology of works, puts BULiGL among the leading companies operating in the Polish market of geodetic services.

For many years of its existence, the Bureau has gained experience in many geodetic works. Among them are:

  • preparatory work for the Forest Management Plan;
  • updating and modernization of land records;
  • preparing documentation for legal purposes;
  • real estate boundary demarcation – including determination of the shoreline;
  • division of real estates, including cases related to the separation of a road lane;
  • resumption of border signs;
  • situational and altimetric measurements;
  • works related to development of the Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS);
  • work related to the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) developed to control areas covered by the EU direct payments scheme;
  • update of level 2 vector maps (V. Map Level 2);
  • updating and adapting the database of topographic objects (abbreviated in Polish to TBD) to Data Base of Topographic Objects 10k (abbreviated in Polish to BDOT10k) structures.

Among the Bureau's clients, there are mainly forest districts, but also to a large extent the National Center for Agricultural Support, local self-government units, regional infrastructure boards, as well as the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture.