For Forests

The Bureau of Forest Management and Geodesy performs planning operations, used in the foresters work. These include forest management plans, prepared for each forest district in Poland every 10 years. The operations contain full knowledge of the forest district's forest area, a plan for forest operations and a plan for nature protection. They are prepared in accordance with the latest guidelines and studies, in accordance with Polish law. The preparation of forest management plans is carried out by Bureau experts from 12 branches of our company. The Bureau's branches work within the range of Regional Directorate of State Forests, and thus - periodically prepare operations for specific forest districts.

A description of the basic services offered to forest districts can be found here.

Below is an offer of additional services for forest districts and other forest management units:

  • habitat, dendrological, natural, spatial expertise;
  • tourist development concept of the forest district;
  • the archaeological heritage resource assessment of the forest district;
  • hydrological operation - water management plan for the catchment area;
  • development of uniform economic and conservation programs for forest promotional complexes;
  • natural habitats verification;
  • fertilization recommendations for nurseries;
  • documentation preparation for land acquired by the forest district;
  • preparation of documentation necessary to exclude land from forest production;
  • renewal of signage, stabilization and supplementation of surface division signs (branch stones) in the forest district;
  • wall maps for forest districts;
  • periodic updates to the standard of the forest numerical map for forest districts;
  • bindery services.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact the relevant branch or the Board of BULiGL. The necessary contact information for our branches can be found here.